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Why Not Dream Big?

I’ve been following along and participating in the conversations about the formation of a Special Recreation District. I understand that people don't want to pay more taxes (I don't know anyone who does). However, I believe that investing in ourselves and our community is priceless. The 'club' once was the hub of the community and it can be again. Keeping it an “outdated golf course” that some claim they wouldn't use is lacking in vision. It could be so much more.

Heritage Greens has a community pool, sand volleyball and park area that is packed all summer and has families sharing meals together in the evening along with other very fun events (that is very much a draw to moving into that neighborhood). Homestead Farms has a neighborhood sand volleyball league that brings out the neighbors in friendly competition all summer long. Cherry Knolls allows its neighbors to use the newly renovated clubhouse for anything you want (grandpa's 80th birthday, a baby shower, family reunion, etc). We could use the hardly ever used tennis courts for Pickleball (apparently the fastest growing sport in the nation) or install a basketball hoop if they aren’t being used for racket sports. And the list goes on.

Viewing the 'club' as it is now and saying it is not worth our time and money is shortsighted. It could be so much more. Investing in this precious resource will help our property values, and that is a tangible and practical way to look at this. But it is the intangible that we should all really be focusing on. Intentionally creating community in the crazy world we live in is worth more than a few bucks and brings value that cannot be truly measured.

This place is ours. Let’s keep it and make it what it has the potential to be.

Jill Burbach

20-year Southglenn Homeowner

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