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Petition for Special Meeting

This Message Is To All Southglenn Homeowners:

I’m rocking this boat.

The Board of Directors of the Southglenn Country Club received a petition on February 27, signed by 116 verified voting members to hold a special meeting(*). While, their Bylaws legally require them to schedule the meeting, they, under leadership of the president, Javier Rivera, have failed to act or even to respond to the petition.

What this means, bottom line, is that right now, your voting rights — which you may not even know you have — are being taken away from you.

Your opinion about this private country club, or about the civic association, or special recreation district, matters not one bit — if the SGCC board is allowed to remain comfortably unaccountable to its members.

To the Board, I ask this: What impacts membership more than mistrust?

If you don’t already know what is happening, you may want to read up about it, because your voting rights as a Southglenn homeowner, are disintegrating under your very nose.

The background story behind this private club, details about the formation of a special recreation district, copies of the proposed Resolution to the Board, and the letter from SRD committee’s attorney can all be found on Southglenn Civic Association’s website; Alternatively, the club’s doors are supposed to be open between 9am and 3 pm. You can go ask them, directly.

(*) The special meeting is talked about in the page-one article of the March issue of SouthglennLiving newsletter.

- Pat Benhmida

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