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Outgoing SGCC Board Director Apologizes to Southglenn

To the members of the Southglenn Country Club (to be clear “members” is representative and inclusive of both dues paying and voting),

As an outgoing board member, I want to apologize to you all.

At our recent annual meeting, we had an opportunity to address the “elephant in the room,” the Southglenn Civic Association’s Special Recreation District (SGCA-SRD) endeavor and members of the club board, with whom I served, immediately thwarted the topic. For this, I am sorry since I believe that many of you came to that meeting under false pretenses.

An inaccurate communication was circulated by the Southglenn Country Club (SGCC) with disingenuous information about the SRD, which, in the same message, admittedly indicated they had no conversation with the SGCA regarding this topic. I had a moral and fiduciary obligation to you as members and should have publically addressed the falsities circulated about the SRD, regardless of the position taken by my fellow board members. As the club leadership, we owed it to you to civilly demonstrate an openness to listen and be educated.

There were SGCA representatives ready and waiting for a quick high-level introduction of the SRD concept. They, themselves, remained idle because they respected this wasn’t their meeting to interrupt unless invited; I should have made that introduction for you all so that everyone in that room would be privy to what the SGCA-SRD is about, how it works, and what the impact, if any, would be to you as a member and/or resident. If my fellow board members disagreed with me, you as attending members could have overruled it and determined the relevancy of hearing this information first-hand.

Hind sight is 20/20.” We’ve now had nearly 10 years of financial struggles for the club; how many more years do we all have to witness before we realize the exchange of ideas between SGCC and SGCA can bring a greater outcome for this community asset? I believe what unifies us all is that we want the club to transcend financial constraints and return to building lasting experiences for all members. I, personally, have an unwavering belief that something better can come about for this club. I hope you do as well.

I trust my oversight can be forgiven, though more importantly, in the spirit of community, I hope our paths cross and that I have an opportunity to make this apology individually to you.


Stephanie Maxey, Former SouthGlenn Country Club Director

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