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Here's my perspective

I am a member of the club and have been for five years. I faithfully paid the dues even though every year it went up. I received a very disturbing e-mail from the club in mid-October explaining how the club is going to be financially secure this year. Really? It seems as if this is what is said every year and then by the end of the summer season they are begging for dues to be paid for the next year. I have a wife and four children. I do not golf, but I was willing to pay the $580 a summer for the pool because I wanted to keep the club alive. It was a challenge for my family to come up with that money, but I grew up in this community, going to Twain, Powell, and Arapahoe, and SGCC. I have always wanted to get back into this community. So when we did and heard the need for membership to keep the club afloat we did our part and sacrificed to pay the membership fee. That being said, I feel as if the people on the SGCC board are not looking at the people who live here. They do not live here. They do not see the cost it is for a family of six to live in this highly sought after community and pay the new rate of $1200 a year extra on top of all the other bills a young family has to pay.

The annual SGCC meeting was an eye opening experience. I felt like the board really didn't care if they lost members of the community. When I told of my family’s experience and could not afford the hike to $1200, one of the board members was like, “Yep we're sorry, but, oh well.” I felt like I am not welcome at a place in my backyard. I am not against people from outside the community being a part of the club. Without them we would not have the doors open now. I just feel that the voices of the community are no longer heard.

Congratulations to the three Board members from the community that won. I am optimistic that they will help the board to make decisions that are best for our community. Thank You to those of you that voted. There were 440 ballots turned in and the turn-out was tremendous.

Jon Snow, Southglenn Resident

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