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SRD in 2018

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

We hope your holidays were wonderful and your new year is off to a great start. We have a few things we’d like you to know about concerning the Southglenn Country Club and our agenda for continuing to forward the creation of Southglenn Special Recreation District:

1. Southglenn Country Club sent members an email in December announcing their modified lower rates for 2018. This is good news for Southglenn residents. We view this gesture of good will from the club as a direct result of electing neighborhood representation on the SGCC board — evidence of what can happen when we work together. This would not have happened without you!  With these lower rates, you may want to take another look at membership for the 2018 season. Call the club for more information (303-798-1656)

2. We will be inviting attorneys with Special District expertise to our upcoming SGCA monthly meetings to answer any questions from residents. On Wednesday, January 17, we will have attorney Tamara Seavers with Icenogle, Seaver, Pogue PC. Tamara is a former member at SGCC. The meeting starts at 7pm at St. Tim's church.

3. Beginning in January 31, we will be holding regular meetings at Southglenn library to provide information and answer questions about SRD. These meetings are intended to provide information that was presented at the October Open Forum and to answer any questions you have. We hope there will be one meeting that can work into everyone's schedule. Dates and times are posted in "Upcoming Events" Additionally we will post events on Nextdoor as meeting times approach.

4. In addition to the meetings at the library, we have begun hosting smaller, more intimate get-togethers in our homes, among neighbors on our own block. If you would be interested in hosting one of your own, or would like to combine it with a book club, bunco group, etc., we will be happy to present the information. Please send a note to to schedule a time.

5. This is big news!  A special district attorney informed us that the costs of forming a district can be reimbursed by the district, once formed. This means there are two ways your $100 good faith contribution toward the legal fund can get back to you —  it will be returned if we don't reach goal of 600 supporters, or, even better, if we do reach 600 supporters and are successful in forming SRD, your $100 will be reimbursed by the district.

6. We continue to ask for your support. We currently have supporters 99 households who have indicated their support to continue the SRD initiative. That's a good start, but we need 600 supporters. Are you one of them? (If so, thank you!) If $100 is more than you can contribute at this time, we are happy to accept donations to cover administrative expenses. We will have printing, copying, mailing costs and the like over the next few months just to get us to the 600 supporters.  Please consider making a $10-20 donation to administrative expenses when you pay your $15 SGCA annual dues. (To pay online or print a form, please visit

But in any case, whether you can send in some money to back your SRD support or not, please let us know you support SRD and whether we can list you as a supporter.  Let's get to 600!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Looking forward to great things for Southglenn in 2018.

SGCA Committee to Form SRD

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